TensorGrip Community Spotlight: Indasol

Regardless of the work you do or the places you’ve visited, it’s highly likely that you’ve experienced the strength & tenacity of TensorGrip. Our market-leading solutions are tried and trusted by thousands of customers around the world - something that has been made achievable by our significant and ever-growing distribution network. In the first in our TensorGrip Community Spotlight series, we highlight our partnership with Indasol

It’s true: from fire-rated adhesives to cleaner formulas and ergonomic systems, there’s lots of reasons why joiners continue to place their trust in TensorGrip. We pride ourselves on the permanent bonds we’ve created around the world, supported by a vast distributor’s network featuring some of the industry’s leading brands and subject specialists. This includes Indasol Industrial Adhesive Solutions Ltd - a household name in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Get Your Adhesive From a Trusted TensorGrip Partner

We’re delighted to welcome Indasol to the growing TensorGrip community. Indeed, getting your hands on TensorGrip products has never been easier thanks to our exciting partnership with this key industry player. Let’s take a look at Indasol and what they do…

So - who is Indasol?

Indasol Industrial Adhesive Solutions Ltd. is a West-Midlands-based company specialising in both off-the-shelf and bespoke bonding solutions catering to a wide range of applications and markets, including general purpose bonding; sign making, point of sale, construction, automotive assembly, fabrication, splicing, masking, high temperature bonding and more.

What makes Indasol unique?

Indasol offers serious value in its high level of experience and expertise. With over 35 years of experience in the market, Indasol can support all of your bonding needs with urgent lead times. The Indasol team is extremely helpful, with friendly staff standing by to help you select the best TensorGrip product for your purposes. 

How can Indasol help me?

Indasol are happy to get involved at any stage in your project, offering technical support either by phone or by email. The Indasol team even pledges to come to your site free of charge to examine and advise around your adhesive application in detail.

Indasol is also a proud supplier of TensorGrip Joinery Adhesives - the best adhesives on the market.

  • TensorGrip L40: Economic, versatile and highly temperature resistant. If you need a solid all-rounder, L40 is the natural choice. 
  • TensorGrip L17: Class 1 Fire Rated, IMO Wheelmark Approved and fast drying. L17 is one of the best contact adhesives out there.
  • TensorGrip L12: Incredible grab, unrivalled versatility and up to 15% more coverage thanks to Co-REZ Technology. What’s not to love?
  • TensorGrip L19: L19 has undergone extensive testing on FORMICA ColorCore, Magnetic Laminate, Fundamentals, Ligna and DecoMetal ranges to name a few, and is now Quin assured!
  • TensorGrip LP61: It’s fire-resistant. It offers bonding strength like nothing else on the market. Introducing TensorGrip® LP61: the Class 0 Fire-Rated solution that represents the cutting edge of adhesive technology.

Kick-Start Your TensorGrip Experience with Indasol 

The list of TensorGrip products stocked by Indasol doesn’t end there! To enquire around Indasol’s full range of TensorGrip products, get in touch with the helpful sales team by emailing enquiry@indasol.co.uk. Alternatively, reach out via telephone on 0121 556 9900. 

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