TensorGrip® L40: Bonding’s Best All-Rounder

It’s versatile. It’s fast-drying. When it comes to bonding, it’s the jack of all trades. Introducing TensorGrip® L40: the market’s top-performing all-rounder. Available in 22L canisters and 500ml aerosol spray cans, TensorGrip® L40 has been responsible for thousands of successful bonds around the world and counting...

It’s one of the most popular adhesives on the market, and a true institution in our powerful Joinery range. Whilst this product has previously been a top choice for setting up exhibitions and temporary installations, it’s versatility makes it suitable for (mostly) any bonding job:

- Economic: Here at Tensor, we believe that super-strong bonds shouldn’t have to come at super-high prices. TensorGrip® L40 is as cost-effective as they come, available at a reasonable rate. What’s more, you’ve got complete control over your spray - far more economic than traditional alternatives.

- Versatile: There’s a reason TensorGrip® L40 is one of the most popular products on the market - it’s high level of versatility. This solution is suitable for bonding a variety of materials to sheet timber, metal, and some hard plastics, with its properties making it the perfect choice for foam, fabrics, fibrous materials, some hard plastics and many other porous and non-porous substrates.

- High Temp Resistance: TensorGrip® L40 is perfect for when the going gets hot. This engineered adhesive offers an impressive temperature resistance of 105C. What’s more, this unique formula features high solids and quick-drying properties. 

Weighing up budget with sticking power? TensorGrip® L40 is the top-class all-rounder to get the job done fast and done quickly.

Bonding’s Jack of All Trades

It’s true. This adhesive is bonding’s true jack of all trades. Whether you’re bonding standard laminates, foam, carpet tiles or creating wood build-ups, TensorGrip® L40 has your back. Get your job off to the best start with some top Tensor Tips:

- Make sure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease, etc.

- For best results, the temperature of the adhesive and the surfaces being bonded should be between 60 degrees F - 80 degrees F (16degrees C - 27 degrees C).

- Use with adequate ventilation.

- When possible we recommend shaking the canister well before using. 

- Spray about 10-20 cm (4” – 8”) away at a 90-degree angle to the surface, applying a uniform, even coat of adhesive to obtain 80% to 100% coverage of the surface.

- If necessary, spray another coat of adhesive in areas that appear to need more adhesive. Spray both surfaces to be bonded, one surface vertically and the other surface horizontally. 

- Allow the adhesive to tack off until no adhesive transfers to the knuckle when touched.

- Adhere surfaces and press together with adequate pressure.

- A roller is recommended to apply a uniform pressure to achieve maximum strength. 

- Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.

- If the spray tip clogs, unscrew the spray tip from the gun and clean with solvents such as thinner or acetone.


TensorGrip® L40: Get Yours


Need a tried, trusted and certified adhesive that doesn’t come at a high price? Try TensorGrip® L40. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your order. Alternatively, view our full selection of adhesives by accessing our full product range.

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