Tensorgrip - S500 - The Ultimate Industrial Cleaning Wipe

Tensorgrip - S500 - The Ultimate Industrial Cleaning Wipe

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Technical Data

Bonded square metre coverage (m2)

110 ltr Cannister TBC
22 ltr Cannister TBC
500ml Aerosol TBC


Product Description

To be certain you’re buying the finest industrial cleaning wipe on the market, Tensorgrip® S500 is the ultimate industrial wipe that will provide you with an optimal clean and leave your surfaces looking brand-new. With hi-tech Dual GleemTex Technology, the S500 will eliminate all common industrial stains, leaving your workspaces clean and tidy and letting you focus on the jobs that really matter.

Tensorgrip® S500 will clean:

• Adhesive
• Sealant
• Paint
• Oil
• Grease
• Dirt
• And lots more

So avoid messy workshops once and for all with safe and clean S500 wipes – they’re even perfect for your hands!


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