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Getting started with faster, cleaner spray adhesives has never been easier thanks to Quin Global’s FREE Kick-Off Kit. Packed with approximately £250 worth of tools and equipment, this cover-all kit contains everything you need to transform quality, efficiency and safety at no extra cost. No need to thank us - it’s on the house…

So - what will your Kick-Off Kit contain inside? This unique package comes with all the tools you need to succeed with any TensorGrip spray adhesive, providing all the core components required to do the job quickly, safely and efficiently:

  • A professional spray gun
  • 4-metre or 8-metre hose (depending on choice of adhesive)
  • A branded football courtesy of Quin Global

*other accessories such as gun tips, rollers, wrenches & wire brushes are included in some, but not all, kits depending on the adhesive selected.

Regardless of your TensorGrip adhesive or substrate in-question, we’ve got a Kick-Off Kit for every player on the field. Options are currently available in:

  • CO-REZ Technology TM
  • Web Spray
  • Mist Spray
  • HT – Spray
Kick-off Kit

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*Terms & Conditions: Only one Kick-Off Kit can be requested per customer inside a 24-month period, with eligibility extending if a Kit is requested for use with a different product. For more information on Kick-Off Kit eligibility, contact us.*