Quin Brand Platinum Product Lifetime Guarantee

The Platinum selection of high quality products within the Quin Brand ranges are guaranteed to perform consistently during the expected lifetime of the adhesive, when used in accordance with the specific instructions for use, and when used for the specific stated purpose of the product.


1.   The products must be used in accordance with the specific User Instructions for the substrate(s) & decorative surface(s) involved.

2.   The products should not be used for any other use, than in conjunction with a combination of the substrates and decorative surfaces specifically detailed in the Product Instructions for Use.

3.   The products must not be used in combination with any other product, other than one from the Platinum range.

4.   The products must not be used for bonding substrates or decorative surfaces, where the manufacturer advises against the use of the said product type.

5.   Substrates must be acclimatised in accordance with our recommendations and those of the substrate & decorative surface manufacturers.

6.   The finished article must not be subject to flood or immersion in water for any reason, or any other liquid material.

7.   The finished article must not be subjected to temperature extremes beyond the maximum ambient temperature quoted in the relevant data sheet.

8.   Substrates must not have significantly different coefficients of expansion, thereby causing unacceptable stresses in the bondline.

9.   The following information must be recorded on a production schedule when using a Platinum product;

  1. Name distributor
  2. Distributor invoice number
  3. Adhesive Goals
  4. QA & ID code from each canister
  5. Article manufacturing date, or dates
  6. Operatives Name
  7. Date of installation of finished article

*Important - Copy invoice showing batch number and supply date must also be retained


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