TensorGrip Joinery: Adhesive Innovation for Even Stronger Bonds

Joinery is changing. New materials are arriving at the market, with contractors throughout the UK & beyond demanding adhesives that step up to the mark. Here at TensorGrip Joinery, we’re pioneering research & innovation to give joiners stronger, cleaner, faster-working adhesives for virtually any task. 

In a changing industry, our customers need more than a run-of-the-mill bottle of glue. Joiners are working in an increasingly fast-paced environment, whilst the margin for error continues to shrink. Where adhesives are concerned, one thing is clear: innovation simply has to happen. As a brand of the Adhesive Innovators at Quin Global, we’re leading the way towards a smarter future in sticky stuff.

Meeting Challenges in a Changing Joinery Industry 

Sometimes, thinking outside of the box is what’s needed. We’re doing just that, using some of the world’s leading adhesive engineering facilities to give our customers exactly what they need. Innovation is part of our history, and we’re keeping the culture alive. So - how are we doing it? It’s simple:

  • Spray Canister Systems: Not too long ago, joiners were applying adhesives using the traditional means of a roller bucket & brush. Whilst the trusty old favourite got the job done, joiners all over called for a smarter system that simply worked better. We listened to the market and did just that, pioneering a unique canister system that holds up to 22L of our groundbreaking formulas. Convenient and built for ultimate power and economy, we’ve led the way in waving goodbye to the old days. 


  • CO-REZ™ Technology:  This exclusive technology incorporates a highly engineered resin and gas matrix, creating an exceptional “more glue, less gas” formula.  CO-REZ™ Technology is a market leader which has revolutionised adhesive performance and the user experience. You will notice up to 25% extra coverage per unit together with a 2-3 kilogram decrease in weight per canister system – results which are unparalleled by competitors! 


  • Fast-Drying: Fast production and demanding project deadlines have demanded a system that gets to work faster. We’ve combined decades of experience to provide joiners with fast-drying adhesives that flash off in an average of 2-5 minutes. With this super-fast action, joiners can bond in as little as 30 seconds after application, bringing the definition of speed to dizzy new heights. 


  • Spray Pattern Technology: Our adhesives offer maximum coverage for a reason. Our canister systems use the latest in spray pattern technology, with our innovative nozzle and gun fully adjustable to your needs. From web and mist to pebble and snowflake, each spray pattern is engineered to yield maximum coverage and a smooth, even & consistent spread across the surface. 


  • Fire Safety: We’ve developed adhesives that come with CLASS-O and CLASS-1 fire ratings. Meanwhile, ZERO-FLAM technology in a number of our products is independently tested & proven to exceed all industry standards for flame projection control performance. 


  • Cleaner Chemistry: Driving the future of adhesives must place the protection, health & welfare of users as a number one priority. We’re leading the way towards a cleaner industry for all joiners, providing a selection of adhesives that are free from dichloromethane and that reduce the prominence of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s).


  • Green Strength: The primary purpose of our adhesives is raw sticking power. Our adhesives offer green strength that is unrivalled, creating bonds that are unbreakable and that last a lifetime. Where strength and tenacity are needed, you can count on TensorGrip.


The Future of Joinery is Now: Join Us 

Easier joinery work starts with TensorGrip. Get started with the world’s most innovative spray adhesives with a FREE Quin Global Kick-Off Kit, containing over £250 of free kit that will change your life for the better. To register for your own kit, click here.

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