Discover Fast Drying Adhesives with TensorGrip Joinery

Where time is a pressure, joiners need adhesives that get to work fast. The TensorGrip Joinery range includes rapid-acting adhesives that flash-off even faster, meaning you can wrap up and move onto the next part of the job sooner. Tight deadline? Don’t panic. Get your hands on the best fast-drying adhesives on the market!

We’ve pioneered research and development to make life easier for our customers. That means providing adhesives that act rapidly without sacrificing on adhesive performance. This week, we’re looking at two top players in the TensorGrip Joinery Range: TensorGrip L42 and TensorGrip L66.

As icons of our joinery range, these acutely engineered adhesives come fully equipped with an armory of groundbreaking features. 

Get the Job Done Faster with TensorGrip Joinery

Our driving ethos is that our customers can work smarter, not harder. We’ve combined decades of experience in adhesives engineering with the latest in canister-based spray technology to offer products that get the job done quicker. Who knew bonding could be such a breeze?

- Flash-Off Faster: It’s no surprise that L42 and L66 are tried and trusted by thousands of joiners the world over. After all - these products act even faster than their traditional market rivals. L42 and L66 both dry in 2-5 mins (depending on temperature and humidity). What’s more, this dynamic duo boasts an impressive open time of up to 30 mins.

- Heat & Humidity Resistant: A fast-acting formula shouldn’t sacrifice on an adhesive’s ability to withstand pressures around heat and humidity. With this in mind, we’ve engineered TensorGrip L42 and TensorGrip L66 to provide a temperature resistance up to 105°C. Forget returning to refix and adjust - our solutions get the job done right the first time.

- Flexibility When You Need It: Whilst these adhesives offer an immediate grab, they also offer a glue line that is flexible, adjustable & fully repositionable. Our glue line flexibility gives fabricators unparalleled adhesion results whilst significantly reducing fabrication processing time. The market’s fastest-acting adhesives just got faster!

- Work Faster, Work Easier: Once you make the swap to L66 or L42 you’ll never look back. Whilst our immediate grab and fast-drying formulas help you pick up the pace, our spray-based canister systems take the definition of speed to the next level. Forget that roller brush and bucket - L42 and L66 provide an impressive bonded coverage of 85m2.

The benefits of the TensorGrip Joinery range don’t end there. Beyond acting faster and more effectively, joiners can proceed in confidence that their adhesive reduces the prominence of dichloromethane and other Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s) wherever possible.

TensorGrip Joinery: Engineered to Outperform

Project deadline stressing you out? Don’t sweat it. When you work with L42 or L66 you can work smarter, not harder. To find out more about these market-leading adhesives, reach out to a member of our helpful sales team. Alternatively, view our full range.

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