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Tensorgrip - S101 - Citrus Cleaner Adhesive Remover

Tensorgrip - S101 - Citrus Cleaner Adhesive Remover

  • Mist Spray
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Product Description

Tensorgrip® S101 is a bio-safe citrus solvent/cleaner, degreaser and adhesive remover designed to safely and powerfully remove adhesives and other tough substances. Available in small canisters for purging adhesive spray equipment. The product is packaged in aerosol cans and pressurized canisters to encompass two main goals: to eliminate the mess and worry of liquid solvents and for ease of purging canister adhesive application equipment (guns & hoses).


  • Exceptional cleaning/degreasing power
  • Non-corrosive
  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • Compatible with most plastics
  • Biodegradable
  • Cleans hoses, spray guns and other adhesive equipment
  • Decal residue removal – safe for powder-coated surfaces
  • Safer to use than most cleaners/adhesive removers


  • Mist Spray

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