TensorGrip Tips: How to Find the Best Adhesive for the Best Results

From wind turbines and bus flooring to boat hulls and hard surfaces, you’d be amazed at where you’ll find TensorGrip Adhesives. This is especially true in our Joinery range, which contains dozens of solutions to match practically any woodworking task. With all that choice, how can joiners choose the right adhesive for the best results? In the latest from Tensor Tips, we share some simple steps on making the perfect choice every time.

It’s true: regardless of where you’ve been or what material you’re working with, it's highly likely you’ve experienced the pure sticking power of TensorGrip Joinery Adhesives. However, creating lifelong adhesion means pioneering research and innovation to engineer a solution that is highly specific and tailored to its relevant substrate. That’s why our Joinery range contains more choice than any other supplier on the market, with the collection containing over 18 groundbreaking adhesives in 22L spray canisters and 500ml aerosols.

TensorGrip Joinery Adhesives: Tips on Optimum Product Selection 

With all that choice, it helps to know a thing or two before you purchase your TensorGrip Joinery Adhesives. We’ve made adhesive selection easier than ever with six simple steps. No need to thank us - we’ve got you covered!

1. Find Adhesives for Your Industry

The entire range of TensorGrip Joinery Adhesives can be found within our Joinery Product Range page. However, today’s joiners typically work with a range of substrates, meaning they may need a selection of products across multiple TensorGrip ranges. Here’s just a few ranges outside of joinery, containing 100+ adhesives engineered to yield optimum results on specific substrates:

The TensorGrip Adhesive selection doesn’t end there. We cater to nearly all areas of heavy industry - take a look at our Industries Page for a closer look. 

2. Know Your Substrate

Making the right choice in joinery adhesive means knowing your substrate, or collection of substrates that you’ll be working with. Regardless of the material you’re working with, we’ve got the glue you need. TensorGrip Joinery offers the most comprehensive range of spray adhesives out there, with products designed for bonding decorative materials such as laminate, solid surface, veneer and sheet metals to substrates such as MDF, plywood, OSB, MFC and many more.

There’s always a need for TensorGrip. To find a perfect adhesive for your substrate, take the following steps via the Tensor Global website:

  • Visit the Products Page
  • Use our handy Quick Filter to view products according to Industry or Substrate 

3. Know Your Spray Pattern

TensorGrip has used decades of experience in adhesive innovation to pioneer new and exciting forms of spray pattern technology - and we’ve done this for a reason. Our separate spray patterns offer particular advantage when used across different tasks and substrates, and you can identify what spray pattern your adhesive uses by checking out the icon on the label of your adhesive. Here’s a brief explanation of our 4 spray patterns and how they can bring your results to a new level:

  • Web Spray: The easiest visual comparison that can be made to a Web spray is that of a spider’s web, hence the name! This pattern has been developed to yield a powerful grab with minimum application,ensuring an even spread of adhesive for demanding & deep crevice applications.


  • Mist Spray: Mist spray adhesives are released from the container as a fine mist, which creates a light and consistent droplet pattern on the surface it is sprayed upon. This pattern is ideal for smooth, equal and visually appealing adhesive application.


  • Pebble Spray: Pebble sprays are similar to Mist sprays however the pattern is made up of larger droplets, but still giving a smooth and consistent pattern on the surface. 


  • Snowflake Spray: Snowflake spray adhesives have a high build, large flake spray pattern which resembles snowflakes across the surface for single-sided bonds. This is easily identifiable with the snowflake icon on the label - take a look and see!

4. Know Your Technique & Process

TensorGrip Joinery spray adhesives are built with the user’s convenience in mind. However, some products may require differences in approach when it comes to adhesive application. Whilst we’re always on standby to answer your questions, there’s a few quick ways to ensure you’re taking a masterful approach to your spray application. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Consult your adhesive’s Data Sheet. These can be found on specific product pages and contain step-by-step tips on applying your adhesive to your substrate. 


  • Check out your YouTube channel, which contains dozens of videos including how-to guides, spray tutorials and more.


  • Check out our Blog page, which contains highly specified information and tips around every product in the TensorGrip Joinery range. 

5. Find Your Nearest Supplier

Once you’ve identified your ideal Joinery spray adhesive, it’s time to find your nearest stockist. TensorGrip adhesives can be found in the vast majority of hardware and adhesive stores throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond, boasting one of the largest supplier networks in the entire joinery industry. Whilst you can count on our suppliers for a regular and assured stock of TensorGrip adhesives, you can also call on them for any help around selecting your adhesive on the day.

To find your nearest TensorGrip Joinery Distributor, contact a member of our helpful sales team who will point you in the right direction!

6. Ask Our Trusted Advisors

You’ve identified your ideal adhesive and sourced it from your local supplier. Congratulations! However, the help available from the TensorGrip Joinery team doesn’t end there. As your Trusted Advisors in Joinery spray adhesives, our team is on-hand to answer all your queries quickly and accurately. Here’s just a few ways you can count on us:

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