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TensorGrip - Backpack for Mini TensorGrip Canisters

TensorGrip - Backpack for Mini TensorGrip Canisters

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Technical Data

Bonded square metre coverage (m2)

216 liter Cannister TBC
108 liter Cannister TBC
22 ltr Cannister TBC
7 ltr Cannister TBC
650ml Aerosol TBC


Product Description

When you're out in the field or are facing a gluing job that requires a lot of moving around, it's not ideal to have to deal with a big bulky canister that can't easily be transported around.  That's when the TensorGrip M501 Backpack comes in handy.  

The perfect solution to field jobs (i.e. fiberglass layup in boat hulls, laying flooring, rooftop work), the M501 for mini adhesive canisters takes the strain off of your arms but still is light enough so that it doesn't cause back strain.   Another innovation only available from Tensor!


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