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TensorGrip - A70 - RTM/ Infusion Mould Spray Adhesive

TensorGrip - A70 - RTM/ Infusion Mould Spray Adhesive

Developed For
  • Fiberglass Infusion
  • Thin Fabric
  • Mist Spray
Available In
  • USA
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Technical Data

Bonded square metre coverage (m2)

216 liter Cannister TBC
108 liter Cannister TBC
22 ltr Cannister TBC
7 ltr Cannister TBC
650ml Aerosol TBC

Open Time

Up to 30 mins


Flash Off 3-5mins


Product Description

TensorGrip® A70 is an exceptional adhesive designed to firmly hold reinforcing fibres together during the infusion process, all without impacting the surface finish or structural integrity of your build.

Even more importantly, this glue won’t interfere with the curing process of vinyl esters, polyesters or styrene resins and will ultimately become part of the polymer matrix.

The A70 contains a unique system especially for use in the moulding process, and will overcome the problems normally associated with using other types of adhesives, including:

  • Bonding failure
  • Resin blockage
  • Surface defects in the finished product

It’s also perfect for use as a general purpose adhesive in a vast range of applications


  • Ideal for infusion/vacuum forming composites
  • Completely safe when laminating materials to structural core surfaces
  • Superior holding during forming process
  • Allows resin to obtain maximum tensile shear strength
  • Accuracy in application thanks to fine mist spray with green tracer
  • Ultra-fast tack
  • HAPS Free (No chlorinated solvents)
  • Won’t interfere with the cure process


  • Hose: 4m Black Rubber
  • Tip: Lechler 652.245.30 Brass
  • Spray Gun - Professional



Developed For
  • Fiberglass Infusion
  • Thin Fabric
  • Mist Spray

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