Why is TC42 the Superior Infusion/RTM Spray Adhesive?

If you’re working with composites, it’s safe to say you’ll need an adhesive system that holds reinforcing fibres in place without affecting the surface finish or structural integrity. At TensorGrip, we’ve developed TensorGrip® TC42 - a composite adhesive that ticks these boxes and more with a high-performance pebble mist.

Here at TensorGrip® Composites, we understand the challenges our customers face with dry layup of composite fabrics & cores during the infusion process. Fortunately, we’ve brought together decades of engineering expertise to offer a super high-performance pebble mist spray adhesive:

- High-Strength Pebble Mist: TensorGrip® TC42 features a revolutionary pebble mist spray pattern, with its micro strands bridging fabric/mat undulations for increased adhesive contact area. This composite packs a punch compared to competing products which typically spray in a fine mist. It’s even repositionable.

- Resin Compatibility: Regardless of the resin you’re working with, TC42 has your back. This innovative adhesive is compatible across all resins, with its unique formula allowing resins to obtain maximum tensile shear strength. This includes polyester, styrene, vinyl ester and epoxy resins.

- Designed for Performance: Like all products created by TensorGrip Composites, TensorGrip® TC42 has been specifically engineered for particular applications. This adhesive comes as the ideal solution for vacuum infusion/RTM forming composites, allowing users to safely complete the dry layup process. What’s more, this product boasts fast tack-off and an impressive 15-minute open time. 

High-Strength Mist, High-Strength Bond

At TensorGrip® Composites, we’re all about making processes work easier for our customers. We’re taking convenience to the next level with a 22L pressurised canister delivery system that promises improved productivity and ease of use. 

TensorGrip® TC42 is also available in 500ml aerosol spray cans for applications where multiple users are working simultaneously in close proximity. 

We’re transforming work with time-proven adhesives in the composites industries. We’ve shared some top Tensor Tips on getting your experience with TC42 off to the best possible start:

- TC42 is primarily designed to be applied single sided, or to both surfaces if required in high demand lay up areas. Applying adhesives to both sides may be required when bonding core foams and balsa core materials. 

- Make sure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease, etc. 

- For best results, the temperature of the adhesive and the surfaces being bonded should be between 60 °F - 80 °F (16 °C - 27 °C).

- Spray about 20-30 cm away from the surface.  applying a uniform, even coat of adhesive to obtain 6 - 10g per m2. If necessary, spray another coat of adhesive in areas that appear to need more adhesive. 

TensorGrip TC42: Get Yours

Need an adhesive system that holds reinforcing fibres in place without affecting the surface finish or structural integrity? TC42 will do the job like no other. To get your hands on this awesome adhesive, get in touch with our sales team or contact UK Category Manager Darren Hill via darren.hill@quinglobal.com or  EEMEA & Russia Category Manager Mark Berry via mark.berry@quinglobal.com.

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