TensorGrip TC30: Engineered for Perfect Polystyrene Bonding

Experience and expertise has taught the TensorGrip TC Adhesives much about composites processes. Our most valuable lesson? The need for adhesives that are engineered for highly specific applications. With this in mind, TensorGrip TC30 was developed to achieve unbeatable results in the bonding of large format polystyrene.

A proven and celebrated product in our Composites range, TensorGrip TC30 yields unbeatable end results when used to bond large format polystyrene block to itself, plywood, MDF and other plug & mould deck structure materials. With TC30, plug build and mould making manufacturing processes can enjoy reduced production time and a level of precision that is simply unrivalled.

TC30: Chosen for Best Bond & Compatibility in Polystyrene Bonding 

Available in 500ml aerosol cans as well as our innovative 22L spray canisters, TC30 is a high-performance solution delivered by a simple, 2-sided application. This pressure sensitive, polystyrene compatible adhesive can be used in conjunction with our highly popular TC20, or alternatively as a standalone contact adhesive product. Indeed, when used with TC20, Composites professionals can utilise TC30 for immediate grab on smooth face, high contact area material whilst using TC20 to bond rough face material that requires gap filling and glue line movement. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of this leading Composites partner:

  • Polystyrene & EPS Compatible: The composites plug build & mould making sector has long been in search of an adhesive that is fully compatible with Polystyrene /EPS. Many adhesives contain solvents that are incompatible with, and will simply melt Polystyrene/EPS causing surface indentation/erosion and consequently no bond properties at all.  With TensorGrip TC30, we’ve delivered just the solution, ensuring full compatibility and ultimate strength & integrity.


  • Fast/High Tack: Here at TensorGrip, we understand that our products’ users work to tight deadlines in fast-paced, often challenging environments. Where time is of the essence, TC30 offers real value: this solution is ready to bond in approximately 1-2 minutes, with a remarkable green strength you can count on.


  • Innovative Web Spray: TensorGrip TC30 features revolutionary web spray technology. This innovative spray pattern is designed to give high coverage and most importantly, sits on the surface with low soak in to ensure maximum contact area adhesion. Coverage is 75m2 using a canister or 4m2 via our 500ml aerosol spray.

Forget wasting valuable production time with adhesives that are not compatible. TensorGrip TC30 is the acutely engineered solution you need to achieve ultimate results from day one.

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Bonding in composites processes doesn’t have to be bothersome. We’re giving our customers the tools to get their experience off to the best possible start with a FREE Kick-Off Kit, containing over £250 of starter equipment in one nifty box - register and check your eligibility here. To find out more about this Composites partner, reach out to trusted advisors Darren Hill and Mark Berry respectively via darren.hill@quinglobal.uk or mark.berry@quinglobal.uk.

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