Tensorgrip P308: a High Tack, CA - Compliant Contact Adhesive

Tensorgrip® P308 is a multi-purpose industrial contact adhesive, which effectively bonds to awide range of substrates.It’s also compliant with California regulations (SCAQMD Rule 1168),with a low VOC to meet the strictest standards for toxicity. So why should P308 be on your list of industrial adhesives? Find out below.

Portable and versatile

P308 was developed with CO-REZ Technology, which is an exceptional formulation incorporating a highly engineered resin and gas matrix. The result: Great coverage from less canister weight.

Because of this, the Tensorgrip® P308 is a perfectly portable, self-contained spray system, excellent for field or shop applications. This makes it easy and practical for your customers to use P308 across a wide range of work sites.

Fast and convenient, yet extremely effective

Once sprayed, P308 has a fast tack time of 2-4 minutes. Since it has a long open time however, you’re able to create a serviceable bond in a much more flexible time frame. This provides fast and convenient adhesion while still providing a high tack level for excellent bond.

This initial bond is strong enough to allow cutting or trimming immediately, so there’s no need to waste time waiting around. Its ultimate strength is achieved in 1-3 days.

P308 has an aggressive, high-strength, permanent bond, and is well-suited to porous or rough surfaces (including plywood, fabric, and carpeting). Further, it’s temperature resistant over 200°F (95°C), making it less susceptible to stress failures at high temperatures.

CA Compliant

Notably, P308 is compliant with California regulations (SCAQMD Rule 1168). It has a very low VOC, so it meets the highest standards for toxicity. Its formula is designed to limit the amount of chemicals released into the air during application or use. This means reduced air pollution, less odor, and a safer environment for workers.

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