Tensorgrip® Adhesives for Woodworking: Meet the hard-working L-Series

If you’re looking for a strong, reliable adhesive for woodworking, look no further. Tensorgrip®, manufactured by Quin Global, is one of our top brands. Each product in the line is developed for different needs, and is available in a number of sizes for a wide variety of use cases. 

To learn more about the industry applications and unique properties of this product line, let’s take a look at some of the top performers. Today we’ll be highlighting the L99N, L10N, and L64 adhesives, which offer impressive versatility and comply with key legal and safety standards.


Tensorgrip® L99N is a canister adhesive, developed as a web spray with 100% adhesive transfer to substrate. L99N is multi-purpose, so along with wood it forms an excellent bond to unsanded melamine, and difficult-to-bond foams such as memory foam and polyurethane foam, along with many other substrates (including aluminum, MDF, plastics, and standard laminate). 

L99N comes as a fully portable system, so workers can easily move it between locations for use in field or shop applications. It only takes a few minutes after spraying to be ready for bonding, and reaches full strength in 1-3 days.

L99N uses ZERO-FLAM technology, making it a completely non-flammable, non-methylene chloride adhesive, as well as having the lowest VOC content in this category. This helps protect workers, structures, and stock from fires and chemicals alike, while still being great for high-heat applications, since it offers a high heat resistance.


Tensorgrip® L10N (AKA “LION”) is a fast-drying, web-spray contact adhesive offering good heat resistance. It’s suitable for bonding a variety of materials to sheet timber, metal and some hard plastics. Along with wood buildups, it also performs well with aluminum and standard laminate.

As a high-solids adhesive, using L10N means there is less solvent to remove and dispose of, which results in energy savings and helps lower overall VOC emissions. Like L99N, it uses ZERO-FLAM technology to maximize fire safety in the workplace.

Using L10N, users can form immediate permanent bonds with double-sided applications on most substrates. The tacky pressure-sensitive properties of L10N make it ideal for a wide range of uses, including foam, fabrics, fibrous materials, some hard plastics, and many other porous and non-porous substrates.


Tensorgrip® L64 is the only spray contact adhesive for bonding GLOSS decorative surfaces. It’s developed to give a perfect high-coverage mist spray pattern for the lowest profile available, so it doesn’t telegraph. This makes it the superior choice for high gloss applications and thin laminate surfaces.

When it comes to postforming, TensorGrip L64 again outperforms in the industry, allowing users to easily perform tasks like applying laminate to curved surfaces while it’s still at postforming temperatures. It reaches 80% of its final strength immediately, and reaches 100% strength within 24 hours, all while being temperature resistant over 200°F (95°C).

This woodworking adhesive meets important legal and safety regulations: it’s HAPS-free, which is not only compliant with EPA regulations, but also helps workers stay safe and reduces the operating costs that come from needing excess protective equipment. 

L64 does not contain Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS), so it complies with OTC regulation. It’s also compliant with California regulations (SCAQMD Rule 1168), with a low VOC to meet the strictest standards for toxicity.

Put these Woodworking Adhesives to the Test

The Tensorgrip® family offers superior adhesives across the board. In particular, the L-family brings a unique combination of versatility, effectiveness, and safety to any project. From its powerful adhesion across a range of difficult surfaces to its unmatched fire safety standards, Tensorgrip® products are a must-have item to offer in any product catalog.

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