Tensor Tips for Canister Change & Disposal

Here at TensorGrip, we provide adhesive solutions that are engineered for maximum performance and economy. However, all canisters will eventually have to be changed over and safely disposed of. In this week’s installment of Tensor Tips, we share some expert guidance on taking care of your canister change/disposal the right way.

Changing your canister doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, we’ve pioneered our canisters with your ease-of-use in-mind. We’re making an easy process easier with 9 simple steps to success:

1. Screw the hose to the canister valve. Open valve and a rush of pressure will go through the hose.

2. Release trigger on the gun to purge adhesive through.

3. Adjust the spray pattern width of the gun by rotating the locking screw behind the trigger. Hold the gun 10 - 15cm from the surface and spray in even coats.

4. Gun tip will build up dried adhesive which will need to be cleaned off periodically. Using TensorGrip C101 Citrus Solvent Cleaner, spray solvent on the tip of the gun. Scrub tip with a wire brush or similar to remove adhesive residue.

5. Once the canister is empty, ensure a new canister of adhesive is available before removing the gun and hose. Close valve of the empty canister.

6. Pull the trigger on the gun to release pressure and adhesive residue.

7. Once pressure is released from the hose, unscrew the hose from the empty canister and screw to the new canister immediately to prevent residues from curing.

8. When the hose is detached from the canister, turn the canister on its side and in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside, and open the valve to release pressure in the canister completely.

9. Using a hammer and punch, punch a hole in the small disc next to the canister carry handles. The canister can be recycled as a waste metal at a suitable metal recycling facility, subject to local regulations and rules.


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