Safer, faster, more productive: How Tensor makes joinery businesses more profitable

The manufacturing and construction industries are notoriously slow when it comes to adopting new technology, which means that from the way we build houses to the way we make furniture, methods change at a fairly glacial pace.

This ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mindset isn’t difficult to understand. After all, quality craftsmanship has always taken time, and new technology that promises a quick, cheap fix is regarded with suspicion – especially when hard-won reputations are on the line.

But it's getting harder and harder for manufacturers to stay profitable using the old, tried-and-trusted ways. Advances in automation and spiralling costs make joinery manufacturing very much a numbers game – but skimping on quality isn’t an option, so businesses need to find ways to save time and money, without compromising their reputations.

Spray is the way

Hand-applied adhesives are still widely used across joinery manufacturing for the application of laminates and decorative facings, as well as for strengthening joints and creating wood buildups. But switching to spray can deliver some impressive time savings AND operational benefits.

Getting an even coat weight using hand application is a highly skilled job that takes a lot of practice and can result in a lot of waste if it’s not done correctly. Using a spray system takes away much of the margin for error and requires minimal training to master. Our adhesives and spray systems have been developed to deliver optimal coat weight and an invisible glue line, even under high gloss materials. As a result, more work can be completed in less time, and fewer items end up in the scrap pile.

Spray systems also offer a more ergonomic way of working that can reduce repetitive strain injuries and therefore absenteeism, helping workshops to operate more efficiently.

Revolutionary bonding

Whether it’s for adding extra strength to a perpendicular joint, creating wood buildups or even laminating flexi-ply to create curves, the majority of joiners still reach for their old favourite water-based PVA wood glue. It’s cheap, it’s safe and it gets the job done.

But as well as being messy, PVA has a long cure time that means its ineffective on its own – you have to use manual fixings such as screws or clamps to hold the work in place until the glue goes off, adding an extra step – and significant extra time – to the manufacturing process.

Switching to a Tensorgrip contact adhesive cuts out this additional time. Our aerosol canisters are ideal for use in place of a squeezy bottle of PVA wood glue, offering rapid, precise application and crucially, instant grab. Our spray canisters are ideal for use on larger surfaces or production lines, and ideal for wood buildups, lamination and curves – our L12, for example, offers instantaneous hold that means joiners can create curves without the need to clamp and wait – a total game changer.

There’s a Tensorgrip spray for almost every job and every substrate, too, allowing joiners to create superior bonds between timber substrates like ply and MDF and virtually any other sheet material, including acrylic composites and metal.

Safer working

Joinery work isn’t without its risks. Where there are sharp tools and machinery, there will always be occasional mishaps. But switching to safer spray adhesives like those in our DCM-free range means employers can eliminate the more insidious risks posed by these chemicals.

DCM is a known carcinogen that’s present in many spray adhesives, used as a powerful solvent that allows for rapid curing. Exposure can cause health problems ranging from eye irritation to headaches to potentially cancer – and there’s simply no need to take the risk. Our dichloromethane-free contact adhesives offer the same fast, strong bonds without the dangers, making workshops safer for everyone.

We believe that switching to Tensor can make your joinery workshop more efficient, and therefore more profitable – without compromising on any of the values and standards you hold dear. To find out more about our products, or to locate your nearest distributor, get in touch!

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