Quin Product Spotlight- L10N

While the first weeks of fall have given some of us a needed break from summer temps, our featured adhesive doesn't break a sweat in high heat. 



TensorGrip® L10N is alone in its class.  Our exclusive Zero-Flam Technology provides a 100% non-flammable adhesive with the best bonding properties in the market. 

TensorGrip® L10N is designed to deliver a smooth and strong bond in nearly any laminate application while maintaining perfect non-flammable properties.


* Non-flammable

* VOC free

* Excellent high coverage

* 80% of final strength immediately

* Full strength in 24 hours

* High tack

* Fast drying with long open time

* Good heat resistance (up to      220°F/105°C)

October is Manufacturing Month

October has been officially deemed Manufacturing Month, which is the perfect time for a check-up on the health of employees and industry standards. With construction workforce in such high demand, it's imperative employers keep workplace safety a top priority. TensorGrip® L10N not only protects against fire hazards, but is also VOC free and GREENGUARD Gold certified. This certification, given by UL Environment, ensures TensorGrip® L10N has passed the strictest certification criteria regarding air quality.  GREENGUARD Gold certification also considers safety factors that pertain to the most sensitive individuals, such as children and the elderly, making TensorGrip® L10N acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.


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