Pulling it off: IWF 2018

This year's IWF show was one for the record books! Our team worked hard to ensure all attendees knew about the power of Quin Global and Tensor adhesives. One of the best ways to do this was to put our adhesives to the test and get people involved at the ground level.

Using adhesives from the Tensor product line, we asked visitors to pull the laminate from the board merely seconds after application. Not many succeeded, but nearly everyone was surprised at the quality of the Tensor line!

Check out the video below to see this demonstration along with other IWF footage.


At its core, IWF is more than simply spending a few days in Atlanta. We love interacting with current and future distributors, customers, and partners. As Sales Lead, Rob Halverson says "We get to demonstrate how the product works and the way in which it can bring value to customers."

At Quin Global, when you're a distributor of our products, you become part of our team and that's important to us.

Proving the strength of our products

"We had a lot of people come up to us and say, 'Wow, I didn't know your product could do that.'" says, President Matt Petersen. At Quin Global, the adhesives we use are top of the line and we make sure they perform how they're supposed to. 

We never want a distributor to reach out to us because a product isn't getting the job done so we're constantly testing and innovating our products. Our goal is to identify niche market problems we can solve- and we solve them rapidly so that our distributors can focus on making their customers happy by delivering a solid product.

Everyone on our team is involved in upholding an innovative environment, but we’re also fiercely dedicated to customer feedback and collaboration. Experiments and demonstrations like these at IWF 2018 help us improve our adhesives and really get to know our customer's concerns. 

Making Your Job Easier

TensorGrip is a product with a purpose. And that purpose is making your job easier.

The first step in making your life easier is the application process, as our team demonstrated at the show. TensorGrip canisters are designed to eliminate the mess of traditional glue application methods by eliminating equipment cleanup, reducing wasted materials, and minimizing glue spillage. 

Our canister system also allows for faster application. All you have to do is attach the gun and hose and you're all set to spray. And most of all, our canisters help you work smarter. The efficient spray pattern reduces cost and provides consistent coverage and patterns! If you didn't get a chance to really dig into the product demonstrations, let us know and we'd be happy to set you up with some custom demos of your own. 

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