New M300-108Y Canister Connector

As we are all adjusting to raw material shortages, extended lead times, and dramatic price increases, we look for that “cost-saving” edge. The price of the 216-liter or “jumbo” canister has almost doubled, and lead times are as far out as six months.

At Quin Global, we have created a product that will allow our customers to connect two 108-liter or “torpedoes” so they can dispense as one “jumbo” or you can connect two 22-liter canisters to increase overall volume.

Introducing the NEW M300-108Y Canister Connector Y-Hose Assembly! 
By connecting two 108-liter “torpedo” canisters, you decrease overall weight, increase portability, with no forklift required, and not sacrificing efficiency. This is the solution to “jumbo” scarcities and “jumbo” pricing concerns.

You can order the NEW M300-108Y Canister Connector Y-Hose Assembly through your normal Quin Global distributor or if you do not have a distributor, you can order directly from us here at Quin Global Americas.

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