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Pictured above, the Quin Global US Adhesive Consulting team, was recently onsite at Brian Barnard’s Flooring America in Tallahassee, FL helping them to prepare for their next big project using Tensorgrip(R) G67. Big thanks to their team for inviting us and to Brent Martin of Sedgefield Millworks (pictured) for partnering with us on this educational demonstration.


Why would we use anything else?" We've heard that statement at least once while demonstrating. While we agree, we also understand it sometimes takes seeing how something works - to understand how much something can help you. The team pictured, had come together to see and understand how to effectively complete a large flooring project in a fraction of the time with our new water-based adhesive Tensorgrip(R) G67. Needless to say they were a bit excited with how well it performed. They were also excited to hear that they could save themselves a lot of knee and back pain with our system which allows you to stand while you work.

We strive to provide our customers with a competitive edge. Educational sessions like this are something we look forward to with our customers and partners. We usually learn as much as they do and that is purposeful.  Making people's jobs easier and helping customers to understand how they can accomplish more with less, is something we not only get excited about, but it is a consistent and purposeful plan. We understand the flooring business is competitive, which is why we work daily to innovate our adhesive products, providing an advantage in the market for our customers.

If you'd like to have our team come out and demonstrate Tensorgrip(R) G67 (or any of our other products) for your next project, please let us know. You can contact our coordination team to request a demonstration and training. Request a Demo

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The Quin Team






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