Introducing the Tensorgrip® Family of Adhesive Products

If you’re looking for strength, tenacity and reliability, Tensorgrip® is the top choice!

Manufactured by Quin Global, Tensorgrip® is one of our top brand of products, available in a number of application sizes ranging from aerosol to canister to pail and drum, for a wide variety of industries.

To learn more about the industry applications and unique properties of this product line, let’s take a look at top performers from each category and what customers like about each one!

Foam & Upholstery – Tensorgrip® F80

Tensorgrip® F80 is sure bet for foam and upholstery application. This particular adhesive formula is very aggressive, high build pressure sensitive, designed to bond porous substrates while maintaining a high level of tack. It’s useful for bonding foam, fabric, and wood.

F80 boasts low VOCs and is California Compliant SCAQMD 1168. Because the formulation incorporates a highly engineered resin and gas matrix, you get a great coverage from less canister weight.

Woodworking – Tensorgrip® L10N

Tensorgrip® L10N is a hero in the woodworking industry. Developed to be a fast drying contact with good heat resistance, L10N is suitable for bonding a variety of materials to sheet timber, metal (aluminum) and some hard plastics. Immediate permanent bonds can be achieved by double-sided applications on most substrates.

Woodworking – Tensorgrip® L10N

The tacky pressure-sensitive properties of this adhesive make it ideal for foam, fabrics, fibrous materials, some hard plastics and many other porous and non-porous substrates. L10N is incredible versatile and complies with the Green Diamond Non-Flam Classification because of its Zero-Flam Technology.

Marine – Tensorgrip® M30

Tensorgrip® M30 sets the standard as a multi-purpose marine adhesive for interior boat outfitting. It's advanced CO-REZ technology provides a "greater coverage less weight" formula for increased cost savings and our canister system reduces time spend on gluing and clean up making M80 the cleaner, faster and smarter choice.

Marine – Tensorgrip® M30

M80 is temperature resistant to over 220°F (105°C) and 80% of the final strength is achieved immediately. It’s a go-to adhesive for a variety of marine applications and even bonds with a variety of the highest-class materials used in high-end yachts.

Industrial – Tensorgrip® P390

Tensorgrip® P390 is an industrial class adhesive that packs a punch. Completely non-flammable and free of methylene chloride, this canister adhesive offers an excellent bond to unsanded melamine, difficult-to-bond foams such as memory foam and polyurethane foam and many other substrates.

P390 is a fully portable system with the lowest VOC content of non-flam, non-methylene chloride adhesives. With its high heat resistance, it’s a popular choice worldwide.

Acoustic – Tensorgrip® X60

Tensorgrip® X60 is endorsed by and developed in conjunction with Autex for all acoustic panel bonding applications. This fast-drying contact adhesive is low in VOCs, making it compliant with California VOC regulations (SCAQMD Rule 1168).

Acoustic adhesive – Tensorgrip® X60

X60 is Suitable for all types of acoustic panel installation, including in-house and on-site bonding processes. Customers love its high-strength, long-term bond, along with excellent green strength and high heat resistance up to180°F (82°C). X60 is fast drying with long open time and results in excellent, high coverage that adheres to nearly any surface.

Flooring – Tensorgrip® G67

Getting flooring installers off their knees and up on their feet, Tensorgrip® G67 is a popular flooring adhesive with a number of uses. This water-based, spray pressure sensitive flooring adhesive is available in a canister as well as an aerosol, featuring a NEW no-slip Pro Tip!

Tensorgrip® G67 can be used for carpet tile, LVT/LVP/VCT, vinyl tile, vinyl plank, and underlayment. It’s unique as it allows substrate to be laid into the wet adhesive without giving a permanent bond when dried. This flooring adhesive offers incredibly high application speeds of up to 200 sq ft per minute in small areas, and up to 800 sq ft per minute in large areas.

Transportation - Tensorgrip® EPO-CA

Tensorgrip® EP0-CA is a reefer liner repair system eliminates blocking and bracing. It’s revolutionary formula reduces cure time to 5 minutes so you can increase your profits and keep your customers coming back! Now you can successfully repair a full refrigerated trailer wall in 45 minutes rather than the standard 24 hours.

Customers love the fast coverage and strength of the bond, along with good heat resistance up to 200°F. Watch the video to see this product in action!


While we could go on, this is a quick glimpse at some of the important members of the Tensorgrip® family. To learn more, browse the product area of the website and learn more about each industry and application!

To request a sample of more information regarding any of the products mentioned here, please contact our team!

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