Enjoy Safer September Joinery Work with TensorGrip Adhesives

After a difficult 18 months throughout the joinery sector, more contractors and fabricators throughout the UK & beyond will be returning to work thanks to a nationwide lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. However, a mass return to Joinery must be done with care, with an ultimate focus on health, safety and welfare for all. As we enter a new autumn season, we’re inviting our customers to enjoy safer work this September. 

From workplace falls to equipment failures and the ever-present risk of fires, joiners typically work in environments that are fraught with risks and hazards. Whilst the industry has much room for improvement in the protection of these workers, we’ve made some small but significant strides towards creating safer working environments for our customers.

Towards a Safer Future in Joinery

Forget toxic fumes, chemical combustion and compounds suspected of causing cancer. As the seasons change, we’re aiming to drive the sector towards higher levels of safety. Here’s how: 


  • Ergonomic Design: Forget constant bending, kneeling and crouching this autumn. Our spray canister systems have been designed with user convenience in mind, allowing unprecedented levels of coverage - all by standing up straight. Joiners have enough to worry about without the risk of repetitive strain injury - so we’ve given them the solution they rightly demand. 


  • Fire Rated Adhesives: We understand the importance of fire rated adhesives, now more than ever.  With our CLASS 0 and CLASS 1 fire rated adhesives being our most popular products, we can be sure that your safety is taken care of in the event of a fire. 


  • Safety Innovation: When it comes to adhesive engineering, we’re proud to host some of the world’s most experienced brains. We’ve brought those brains together to develop a range of adhesives that are free from dichloromethane (DCM) whilst also significantly reducing the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds. This September, joiners can breathe easy in the knowledge that we’ve placed their health as a top priority. 


  • ZERO-FLAM Technology™: Groundbreaking and totally unique to the joinery adhesive market, ZERO-FLAM Technology™ features a dual component formula which prevents the risk of chemical combustion during the application of the product. This is all made possible with our non-flammable adhesive and non-flammable propellant mixture, creating safer workplaces throughout the world. 


Enjoying ultimate bonding strength shouldn’t come at the expense of safety, health or welfare. We’re welcoming the return to joinery with a cleaner, safer approach to adhesives engineering. Choose TensorGrip and discover why we’re trusted by joiners in the UK & beyond!


Discover A Safer Way of Working This September 

Are you making a return to joinery work this September? Do it in the safest, most efficient way with TensorGrip Joinery: your trusted advisors for the best bonding results. To get equipped with the world’s best adhesives, get in touch with a member of our helpful team who will be happy to assist.


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