Bullet Bond: Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Bullet Bond


Tensor are excited to announce the launch of a ground-breaking addition to the TensorGrip range.

Bullet Bond is suitable for use on such a huge range of applications, it could be the only adhesive you need in your tool box!

Achieving 94% bond strength immediately, Bullet Bond is proven to save hours of time on labour intensive tasks.  This adhesive is your extra pair of hands on site, replacing mechanical fixings and eliminating the need for clamping in many scenarios.

This is also the first adhesive in the TensorGrip range which is suitable for non-industrial use.  This means for the first time ever, anyone interested in DIY, crafts and hobbies can experience the power of TensorGrip adhesives!

No more bond failure, no additional tools, and no other adhesives required – simply spray!


What can I use Bullet Bond on?

Timber to timber - RSJ beam cladding - OSB boards - Polystyrene - Industrial board to timber and concrete - Rockwool insulation - DPC - Skirting and architrave - Plasterboard - Plasterboard corner trims - Worktop edging - Laminating - Wall cladding - Plastic conduit - Airtightness membrane - PVC sheeting - Site plans (Plastic, Cardboard & Paper) - EPDM - Flooring - Carpet - Flexi plywood - Concrete beam cladding - Underfloor heating – Rubber – and more!


Where is Bullet Bond Available?

Bullet Bond is available exclusively in 500ml aerosols.  A Bullet Bond Cleaner is also available for cleaning substrates prior to use, as well as any spills or overspray.


Bullet Bond is coming soon to selected stores around the globe. 



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