Adhesives + Quin Global = Innovation 2017. Part 2

Part 2 – Insights with Matt Petersen, Vice President Product Development and Part Owner, USA

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s time to take stock of where your business is today to better position it for 2017 and beyond. A primary focus for many manufacturers includes tackling challenges associated with R&D and technology, which is the lifeblood of Quin Global.

Breakthrough Product Innovation

Quin Global’s International Team sets high standards when it comes to producing innovative adhesives and sealants that elevate product value with customers. The company’s R&D answers two crucial questions that any innovative product must be able to answer.

1. Does this product offer a solution to a customer’s problems?

Listening to the customer and their wants is critical to success. The solution must fix or fill a need.  For example, there are several new developments on the horizon at Quin Global for 2017. TC50, an epoxy Infusion Adhesive for infusion, VRTM and VARTM, will have a significant impact on the future canister adhesive industry temporarily bonding the fiberglass or carbon fiber mats in place during the resin transfer process. It is the only spray adhesive on the market that offers a solution to companies that need to increase the interlaminar strength of an infused composite part.

2. Who is best to resolve the problem?

A company needs to have strong relationships and partnerships with respected companies that look out for what benefits not only the end-user, but also the greater community. For example, expect to see new products within the adhesives industry that are non-flammable, very low Global Warming Potential [GWP] and non-hazardous to human and animal health. So, as with Quin Global, Greenguard Certifications make a difference for companies and their communities.

Watch for upcoming blog posts on innovation and business in 2017!

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