5 Reasons to Book a TensorGrip Joinery Product Demo

We’re more than just adhesive suppliers. We’re masters in the solutions we provide; working with companies, customers and more to improve and enhance the use of adhesives across the board. As joinery sees an uptick in jobs throughout the UK & beyond, we’re inviting TensorGrip Joinery users to book a free product demo with our Trusted Adhesive Advisors. Just in time for tea-break... 

TensorGrip Joinery Adhesives are built for precision and performance. However, we’re always keen to share tips with our customers on how they can truly master the use of our spray adhesives. Got a spare half hour? Here’s five reasons why you should spend it with us!

1. Enhanced Process Engineering 

Here at TensorGrip, we understand that our Joinery customers work to tight and often challenging production schedules. In both large and small-scale projects, the need for rapid processes is a priority. Fortunately, our trusted advisors take the time to understand the task at hand, providing useful advice on how you can meet those project deadlines. 

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise, our adhesive pros can help to enhance and improve your current process engineering. By booking a product demo, you can highlight the challenges you face in your day-to-day work. In response, we’ll show how taking the right steps in adhesive application at the right time can take you to the finish line faster. Thank us later!

2. Virtual Options Available

Got a tight schedule? Always on the move? We get it. That’s why we’re proud to offer fully-remote product demonstrations live from the Experience Centre at Quin Global. Delivered virtually, live and fully recordable via Microsoft Teams, our online sessions mean that you can join in our product demonstrations when you’re on the job. Just switch on, log in and go!

Whilst social distancing regulations are gradually lifting, many joinery firms are rightly cautious of the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses which are prevalent at this time of year. Our online product demos allow for an extra level of safety.

3. Adhesive Selection Advice 

Getting the very best results out of your joinery task requires a combination of skill and appropriate product selection. Whether you’re working with solid surfaces, MDF, acrylic or plywood, we’ve pioneered research and development to offer the right adhesive for the right job.

With so much choice of TensorGrip Joinery adhesives, we know that making the right choice of product can be a challenge. Fortunately, our trusted advisors provide the knowledge you need to select the perfect adhesive for your substrate. Have a live chat with us and proceed in confidence that you’ve got the best solution for the task at hand!

4. Improved Adhesive Application

We’ve designed our spray adhesives to offer unrivalled results in the world of joinery. Indeed, applying your adhesive doesn’t get any easier, whether you’re using our handy 500ml aerosols or our 22L spray canisters - all engineered for accuracy, even application and ease of use.

Whilst our solutions are designed with joiners in mind, we’ve got lots of tips and tricks up our sleeves. From choosing a spray pattern to mastering your application in one straight pass, booking a product demo will help step up your spray game. Boom!

5. Live Q&As

Last, but not least: booking an in-person product demonstration gives you a unique opportunity to make suggestions, comment and ask questions to our Trusted Adhesive Advisors. Forget picking up the phone or typing out an email: our demos allow for live questions and answers, meaning you can get the info you need immediately.

No question is too much for the TensorGrip Joinery team. Whether your question is about adhesive selection, application or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s what we do!


Become a Spray Master: Book a Demo Today

Got a spare 30 minutes for a quick tea break? That’s just enough time to take part in a live product demo with our Trusted Advisor for all-things-joinery. To book your FREE TensorGrip demo, reach out to UK Category Sales Manager Gregg Rhodes via gregg.rhodes@quinglobal.com. Alternatively, reach the TensorGrip Joinery team via our handy contact form. Don’t sit back this autumn - become a spray adhesive master!

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