3 Innovative Trends Distributors Need To Consider In 2017. Part 3



Quin Global, Home of Tensor® Adhesives, spearheads innovative adhesive solutions and challenges team members to develop environmentally friendly adhesives. As a result of thinking outside the box, the company has become the largest supplier of adhesive canisters in the world. Good news: new opportunities; bad news: new challenges.

“I get very excited when I think of new developments on the horizon,” said President of Quin Global US and second-generation owner, Matt Petersen.

Industry Trends

There are a number of important trends for distributor to pay close attention to this year, according to Nathan Ive, Buiness2Community.com. After reading the article, it was clear Ive knew what he was talking about when it comes to distributors and business. We are sharing the three top tips we picked for succeeding in business.

1. Your customers are online

The modern consumer across all parts of the supply chain turns to the internet as the ultimate source of knowledge for purchase decisions – thus, a strong online presence is crucial for continued business success.


                                  81% of shoppers conduct online research before

                                 making big purchases as reported in Retailing Today.


“We are very aware of this need and we are taking steps to enhance our website, TensorGlobal.com,” said Petersen. The company is always updating the site with information and educational materials for distributors to share with their customers. Check it out regularly for updates.

2. Competition is everywhere and they are leaner, meaner and faster

To remain competitive, distributors need to continue upgrading their work environments and stay updated on the cutting edge of technology.

“I expect to see hundreds of improvements in this upcoming year that will benefit our distributors,” said Petersen. “We are implementing two new production machines within the next 15 months that will significantly increase production, capacity, and operator safety that will further support distributors needs.”

3. Employee productivity is critical for your long-term success

Productivity for the modern distributor is key, which can be can be supported by new technology. Integrating processes will assist to serve customers more effectively, by shortening lead times and further increasing production capacity.

“We’ve gone live with a new ERP system, NetSuite, which will also provide our distributors the ability to order online and information on the status of their orders,” said Petersen.

If you haven’t implemented these tips into your business planning to increase sales, what are you waiting for? 

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